Rooms from 126 €
+ Buffet Breakfast Included
+ Complimentary “Bateaux-Mouches” cruise

Exclusive offer valid until February 27th 2016 for any stay between December 11th 2015 and February 28th 2016.

Upon availability and subject to conditions




Up to 20% off on your stay, buffet breakfast included

Offer valid the week of November 11th 2015 and every weekend until February 28th 2016.


Upon availabilities and subject to conditions.





La rue des Thermopyles

2 minutes awayGoogle map location link

A secret street, close to the 9HOTEL MONTPARNASSE looks like country side. This charming cobblestone street is lined with small old houses not exceeding 3 floors and whose facades are overgrown with wisteria and ivy. The bicycles complement the decor. Take a walk at the place Flora Tristan, on your left at the end of the street of Thermopyles, this little corner looks like Provence or Italy.

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© Panoramio

Montparnasse Tower

33, avenue du Maine - 75015 Paris – Tél. 01 45 38 52 56

15 minutes awayGoogle map location link

Montparnasse Tower is a 210 m skyscraper, the highest point of observation in Paris, offers stunning views over the city. On the 56th floor a panoramic bar-restaurant and a gastronomic restaurant offers a unique experience.
On the ground floor of this tower, houses a shopping center with a Galeries Lafayette store.


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© Martine Franck-magnumphoto.com


2, impasse Lebouis - 75014 Paris- Tél. 01 56 80 27 00

7 minutesGoogle map location link

Henri Cartier - Bresson Foundation brings together works (photographs, correspondence and publications) of this versatile artist. The Foundation also presents the creations of other artists making it a unique place.


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© Paris Tourist Office - Photographe : Marc Bertrand

Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art

261, boulevard Raspail - 75014 Paris - 01 42 18 56 50

21 minutesGoogle map location link

Through this foundation, the jewelery house agrees unparalleled in promoting contemporary art. In addition to the exhibition, you will also find special orders and new talents.


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© Paris Tourist Office - Photographe : Marc Bertrand

Museum Bourdelle

18, rue Antoine Bourdelle - 75015 Paris - Tél : 01 49 54 73 73

23 minutesGoogle map location link

In a calm museum, decorated with a garden and conservatory, the works of Bourdelle, collaborator of Rodin and Giacometti, are presented in workshops where he has created. You will find photographs, sculptures, drawings, watercolors, paintings and pastels.


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© L'Entrepot

The warehouse

7, rue Francis de Pressensé - 75014 Paris - Tel. : 01 45 40 07 50

1 minuteGoogle map location link

The warehouse is an unusual place, a place of meeting where art exhibitions and concerts are held. There is a cinema and a restaurant (with brunch on Sundays). A terrace and a porch add charm to this place.


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© Paris Tourist Office - Photographe : Daniel Thierry

Montparnasse Cemetery

3 Boulevard Edgar Quinet - 75 014 Paris – Tél. 01 44 10 86 50

16 minutesGoogle map location link

Sur 19 hectares, offrez- vous une ballade en compagnie des génies de notre ère. Sous des faux airs de parc, le cimetière de Montparnasse abrite les dépouilles d’illustres personnages tels que Charles Baudelaire, Serge Gainsbourg, Jean Paul Sartre, Samuel Beckett ou Man Ray.


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© www.leblogdeletrange.com

Catacombs of Paris

1 avenue du Colonel Henri Rol-Tanguy - 75 014 Paris – Tél. 01 43 22 47 63

17 minutesGoogle map location link

The catacombs in the form of a maze at the basement of Paris. 20 meters deep, in ancient galleries, you will discover the remains of six million Parisians, transferred there because of the closure of the cemeteries of Paris.


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At the heart of an entertainment district, enjoy your stay to the fullest in Montparnasse attending a performance. Blues, jazz, theater, one man show, comedy, there is a lot of variety and quality.


© Mirco Magliocca

Italian comedy

17/19 rue de la Gaîté - 75014 Paris – Tél. 01 43 21 22 22

18 minutesGoogle map location link

Italian comedy is the only Italian theater in France. The building dates from 1980 and can accommodate up to 100 people during performances. You will find only pieces of Italian authors, classical or contemporary, performed in French.


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© Event1001


14/20 rue de la Gaîté - 75014 Paris – Tél 01 43 27 24 24

18 minutesGoogle map location link

Bobino is a former notorious music hall stage. The room can accommodate up to 900 people for musical performances, one-man shows and concerts.


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© Theatre Montparnasse

Theatre Montparnasse

31 rue de la Gaîté - 75014 Paris – Tél 01 43 22 77 30

18 minutes Google map location link

You can see the work of the architect who participated in the creation of the base of the Statue of Liberty, the room is an old warehouse, listed as historical monument since 1984.
Its eclectic programming and quality has recently expanded to a home-restaurant.


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© www.gladscope.fr

Theatre de la Gaite Montparnasse

26 rue de la Gaîté - 75014 Paris - Tél 01 43 22 16 18

18 minutesGoogle map location link

Inaugurated in the 19th century and listed as historical monuments, this legendary venue, the shrine of magazines, has become an audacious scene.


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© Gilles FERRON - Groupe Mem'Ory

Le petit journal Montparnasse

13 rue du Commandant Mouchotte- 75014 Paris – Tél 01 43 21 56 70

12 minutesGoogle map location link

Cabaret atmosphere and friendly, over a drink or dinner, you can listen to jazz, soul, gospel, blues and rock'n'roll music.
Piano bar every day.
Meal plan and concert.


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