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Belgian (5) · French (4) · Italian (1) · Vietnamese (1)


Kwint - French cuisine

Mont des Arts, 1 - Monts des Arts district - Tel. +32 (0)2 505 95 95

5 minutes.Google map location link

Price between 30 and 50€

Kwint is a subtle blend of legendary Parisian houses : La Maison de la Truffe and Kaspia . The truffles, caviar and smoked fish on the menu. A refined cuisine at reasonable prices in a New Brewery decor. An impressive sculpture resin tortuous forms, the work of Belgian designer Arne Quinze , extends along the entire room with Delicatesssen shop and a bar. During summers you can enjoy the large terrace overlooking the historic center of Brussels.


Le Cercle des voyageurs - French cuisine

Rue des grands carmes, 18 - Grand Place - Tel. +32 (0)2 514 39 49

10 minutesGoogle map location link

Price between 25 and 40€

An unusual place for travellers looking for new ideas. The restaurant offers exotic dishes in an intimate and refined atmosphere. Le Cercle des Voyageurs is also a cultural centre and organizes a lot of events such as concerts, exhibitions and conferences.


L’idiot du village - French cuisine

Rue Notre Seigneur, 19 - Marolles district - Tel.  +32 (0)2 502 55 82

12 minutes.Google map location link

Price between 40 and 60€

“The” restaurant boho- chic gastro of Marolles. This tiny but charming restaurant with the cozy decor is one of the gastronomic secrets of the city. The dishes served in Grandma's kitchen invites a beautiful culinary getaway. Closed Saturdays and Sundays.


Le Café Georgette - French cuisine

Rue de la Fourche 37/39 - Grand Place - Tel. +32 (0) 2 512 18 12

6 minutes away from the hotel.Google map location link

Price between 10 and 26 €

In the heart of Sacred Island touristic district, Le Café Georgette is a concentrated of "bruxellitude", more than a restaurant, it's a concept.
In a sober atmosphere, the restaurant offers a varied and extensive menu of typical and classic dishes, mostly homemade.
Passersby can order french fries at the restaurant take away.


Le Marmiton - Belgian cuisine

Rue des Bouchers, 43 - Grand Place - Tel. +32 (0)2 511 79 10

5 minutesGoogle map location link

Price between 30 and 40€

Since 1979, the brewery at the corner of Queen's Gallery and the rue des Bouchers offers a vintage decor (exposed brick walls, elegant benches , small old chairs) and a good Belgian cuisine. A terrace which allows you to enjoy the atmosphere of the neighborhood. It is advisable to book.


Aux armes de Bruxelles - Belgian cuisine

Rue des Bouchers, 13 - Grand Place - Tel. +32 (0)2 511 55 50

6 minutesGoogle map location link

Price between 30 and 60€

Brussels venerable institution in the sacred island, since 1921 this restaurant offers a Belgian culinary traditions. Opens in the afternoon and evening, the team of this restaurant is working to delight the regular Belgian customers, tourists and gourmets. Lively atmosphere.


Et qui va ramener le chien ? - Belgian cuisine

Rue de Rollebeek, 2 - Sablon district - Tel. +32 (0)2 503 23 04

9 minutesGoogle map location link

Price between 20 and 35€

At the foot of Sablon, down to a pedestrian street in the neighborhood lies a place we would want to keep as a secret and to share it only with the friends. But why to bring the dog? To discover grandmother's dishes given in modern tastes in contemporary decor embellished some ethnic and authentic touches. Nice terrace lined with olive trees for the summer season.


Au Vieux Saint Martin - Belgian cuisine

Place du Grand Sablon, 38 - Sablon district - Tel: +32 (0)2 512 64 76

10 minutesGoogle map location link

Price between 30 and 50€

Belgian specialties since 1968, only the "homemade" from fresh products. The place runs well by the Belgian clients, the businessmen and tourists. While sitting on the terrace you can enjoy the first fine days of the year "overlooking" works of Belgian artists hung on the walls. The kitchen is open non-stop from noon to midnight except Sundays and bank holidays.


Mer du Nord/De Noordzee - Belgian cuisine

Place Saint-Catherine, 45 - Saint Catherine district - Tel. + 32 (0)2 513 11 92

13 minutesGoogle map location link

Price between 15 and 20€

True Brussels institution located on the corner of the Place Sainte Catherine . La Mer du Nord is both a fish shop and a caterer. It serves in a beautiful spirit of street food, at any time, standing at Fish Bar or on small tables outside. A fish soup, mussels, the caricoles or other fresh fish a la plancha in a friendly atmosphere.


Osteria A l’Ombra – Italian Cuisine

Rue des Harengs 2 – Grand Place – Tel. +32 (0)2 511 67 10

7 minutesGoogle map location link

Tucked away in an alley near the Grand Place, this small family-run Italian restaurant is a concentration of authenticity in the touristic district.
In an unusual setting (a former fish shop), it offers a warm welcome, an open kitchen and a shared table which gives a unique atmosphere. All the ingredients are fresh and seasonal and the dishes are typical and rich, the menu has plenty of choices. Let the waiter helps you choosing among variety of wines.
It is advisable to book.

Little Asia - Vietnamese cuisine

Rue Sainte Catherine, 8 – Sainte Catherine district- Tel: +32 (0)2 502 88 36

13 minutesGoogle map location link

Price between 25 and 45€

Go to Little Asia to discover the authentic Vietnamese cuisine and the traditional " Nem Nuong ", scampi skewer, accompanied by crab sautéed with fresh ginger. Preparations here are varied, ranging from typical specialties such as Vietnamese beef carpaccio consists of a multitude of flavors. Special note for spring rolls with ginger and sole. Modern and sober. Closed Sundays and pubic holidays.


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